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Day off!

Have today off and was faliling around not getting anything done, so I decided to make DDR priority 1 (and showering priority 2). Got in 35+ minutes (not quite 40, same number of songs as last time though) at 120-132 HR.

After DDRing on Friday, my right foot was a wee bit touchy on Saturday but it was fine Sunday. Coincidentally I was also breaking in a new pair of shoes so it could have been that as well.

I'm still doing endless mode and the steps you do keep counting between songs. At one point I noticed I had cracked 675 steps and thought, "Can I hit 1,000?" Naturally that blew my concentration and I immediately mis-stepped.

DDR Comeback

Well I haven't posted about DDR since Oct. 10th. I actually did 2 short sessions within the next week after that, but LJ was being flaky and I couldn't post. Still, not the regularity of exercise I'm aiming for. This past week has been complicated - in case anyone missed it on other social mediums, I adopted a kitten from a shelter, and that has been a handful.

Anyway! I have today off and decided to exercise before showering and running errands so it for sure happened. I fired up DDR X and used endless mode to have the game fling random songs at me in a continuous stream.

I clocked in FIFTY minutes. I figured since I had been away for a while and I've been feeling sluggish that I'd do an endurance run. I could probably push a little further but all I've eaten today is a cup of coffee and a slice of whole wheat toast.

HR was 120 almost the whole time but it did get up closer to 150 during a particularly energetic batch in the middle.

DDR on a Monday

It was tough, but I got off my ass and DDR'd tonight. I shoulda DDR'd Saturday but I was at a party. Sunday I got sucked into Rift. Today ... it was tough to get going but I really want to turn the weight around, my pants are tight again!

Tonight I used DDR X on the PS2. I started with a couple courses, 5 songs in a row pre-set. These are a bit more intense than just picking 5 songs since there's hardly any pause between them, perhaps 10 seconds loading screens. The first 2 sets (10 songs) were a higher difficulty and had some complicated steps that drove my HR up to around 150 at peak. I felt it was important to really give my metabolism a jumpstart. After that I went into a more basic difficulty and went to Endless mode which similarly spits 5 random songs at you at a time. (You can rest all you want between sets; I didn't rest.)

I did 45 minutes. It was easier stepping but constant. HR was down to more like 110 at the end. At a guess it was around 130 overall, I should have had the heart monitor Tegan got me on. Must get that out next time.

Slogging Through

Didn't manage to DDR yesterday - I conked out on the couch soon after work. I was hard-core exhausted and I shouldn't have been. Suspect I'm fighting a cold.

Today made myself DDR. It was seriously rough. 20 minutes in and I felt like I had given all I had, but I managed to press on. Raised my rating on Love Shack from AA* to AAA*. I mixed up play a lot and went back and forth between the easier "Difficult" songs in DDR for PS3, which toss in a fair amount of half-steps. I blew many but passed every song I tried with at least a B. I feel it was a harder workout but didn't check my heartrate until I was done, at which point it was 110ish. Managed to do all that hopping around despite my lower right back twinging and my right hip feeling really bad (I was sitting in my desk chair too long - and the gas cylinder has failed so I was almost on the ground in a weird sprawled position; I blame the chair for my back too. What a waste of $280.)

Anyway, got my 30 min in, actually a few more, I made myself do one easy cool-down song to go a little longer.

The Interval is Decreasing

Yay it was a DDR night.

After last week's entry, the next 2 days I deliberately got in a little extra walking but not DDR. I was planning to do that Saturday, but ended up doing housework and cleaning all day. Then, Sunday I just forgot until too late. Still, that one day of DDR and the activity on Saturday added up to blocking the weigh gain creep-up I've had lately and push it in the other direction.

So today! 38 minutes, 3 5-song sets. I didn't turn off jumps today (and wow my lower back noticed). I feel like it was a decent workout, I broke a good sweat and was around 110-115 most of the time. I probably need to switch off DDRX2 next time to keep the variety in my workout, the songs are a little boring now. (Though I love Daft Punk is Playing In My House!) I considered pushing for another 5 songs but the greater impact of the jumps - I think this is fine. Hopefully I will get another set in by Wednesday. I'd really like to keep on an every other day regime with this.

The foot's ok. 0.1 twinge but no immediate discomfort after all that hopping. Yet.

Fourteen days later...

I got off my butt and did DDR again.

Did I have complications from the last session? No. Did my foot actually heal any more since last time? No, not really. It's been about the same with slight daily variations. I think I've figured out the exact spot I might have a microfracture though.

No, all that happened for two weeks was I had the habit of not-doing DDR to fight. There were several times I thought of it, but much too late at night considering I'm in an apartment.

This past weekend I thought of it several times but I needed extra rest; the last week or two was grueling at work and stress cut into my sleep. However, things have been better this week and my energy was good today. Time to buckle down and get going. I've definitely felt that even walking in to work in the morning has left me a little out of breath so it's urgent I reverse the cardio fitness decline and drop some weight.

Tonight was 40 minutes of DDR X2. I turned jumps into single steps which vastly reduces the impact, but I did some 6-7 foot songs and that was a decent tradeoff. I got a good sweat going and my HR was in the 110-120 range most of the time.

DDR and checking things out

Yesterday I tested out a pair of dress shoes I was wearing a lot at the start of the summer and not much since then. I put a 3rd party 3/4 size arch support in (the full size, Powerstep supports my doctor recommended don't align right with my feet in those shoes). I was walking in to work when I concluded it wasn't enough support; by the middle of the afternoon, that familiar pain in the area of my 2nd/3rd metatarsals was evident.

I have some of the symptoms of a micro- stress fracture of my 2nd metatarsal, but if I do it's super mild. The thing that makes me think that it's a true fracture is that if I touch my 2nd toe and try to wiggle it, I get a minor but noticeable shooting pain. Curling my toes feels slightly sore. However, I don't have other symptoms I should. Clearly, doctor visit is to be scheduled. This isn't just a DDR strain; something else is going on.

Anyway, despite some achiness yesterday, it felt better this morning. I wore my usual Sketcher sneakers with Powerstep full foot support and there wasn't much discomfort when I got home.

So I figured what the hell. I did DDR. I'm feeling so enervated lately I know I need the exercise. If it makes my foot pain flare greater, that'll just make it easier to point out where it hurts.

The session went well, actually. I did 40 minutes, not going nuts. I hardly lost any skill or ability to play in the 2 month break. I did make sure that I stepped squarely and evenly as possible (sometimes in the past I would stretch out my foot to an arrow and 'toe tap' a series of arrows). The foam core pad does feel like it provides some support to my arch, even though it isn't total contact. I could have gone longer than 40 min, but I felt I got my metabolism up and I'm not trying to break a foot. It'll be interesting to see how it feels tomorrow.

ETA: next morning, no discomfort at all. Interesting.

DDR: Where it went

You may have noticed I haven't been spamming the journal with DDR entries since July 18. The reason for that is I stopped doing DDR due to a foot injury, which as I reckon things, has just finished healing this week.

Now the next part is going to be boring but I'm writing this out for my own documentation because I finally figured out that this is a pattern.Read more...Collapse )

So, in conclusion I'm going to start doing DDR again, and if/as soon as my foot starts twinging, I'm going to see my doctor so I can find out what's really going on with it.


Rift Reactivation

Rift has been doing really well, and to celebrate 6 months of release they're having a "Half Birthday" celebration. Basically it's a week of bonus xp as well as free reactivation for people who have lapsed accounts. Free trials during the week will also have unlimited play.

So! If you're one of the people who bought rift but only played the first month, this is your chance to give it another crack!